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Character creation changes: When creating a new character, we will use “roll four, take three” for each ability score. Keep track of the order these are made in. You may swap rolls around to customize your character, but if you don’t change the order of these scores (i.e. first roll goes to STR, second to DEX, etc.) you are allowed a Greater Minor Wondrous Item (slotted only).

Then, roll a d10. The result is your attractiveness on a scale from 1-10. This is a generalized attractiveness — depending on personal preferences the score could be treated as higher or lower, but in general people agree with your score and almost all can see why others would score you that way. It is also heavily influenced by sex and race — you may have all the dwarf men in your mountain tripping over eachother to be with you, but that doesn’t mean a human would appreciate 200 pounds of strong dwarf woman covered in a flowing beard.

The first hit die roll for your character is automatically max. Traits can be added with GM permission, but should mainly be used to flesh out backstories.

Firearms: Firearms in this campaign are in a state of emergence. They are in no way common, but it’s possible for most adventurers to get their hands on a basic firearm if they try. I also gave one person permission to give their character an advanced firearm at creation for five times the normal cost, as well as requiring an explanation in the backstory.

Languages: Due to the way Paizo releases it’s Pathfinder information to the public, the languages in Golarion are different from the default ones you find on our usual website. You can find a list of many of the languages here.

Main Page

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